Natural Stone

When it comes to flooring and countertops, you cannot beat the beauty and durability of stone. Natural stone is an extremely strong material while providing your home with timeless beauty. Interestingly, for stone to be created, it takes a long time for the formation process, something that originally began beneath the earth's surface some millions of years ago.

To create natural stone used for flooring and countertop such as slate, travertine, limestone, granite, and marble, heat and pressure are used. The result is completed blocks of natural stone. Without doubt, natural stone is a gorgeous choice for flooring, taking a home without character and turning it into a masterpiece. While you could choose any number of materials, stone is one of the most popular choices.

Home Value

You will also find that natural stone automatically increases the value of a home when it comes time to sell. Typically, when homebuyers walk into a home with beautiful stone flooring or countertops, they are mesmerized. If you are thinking about adding natural stone to your home, while you certainly want to choose what you like, you might also consider future owners. In most cases, choosing something with a natural tone is the best option.


One of the best choices is granite, which is the hardest and densest. However, if you want something for a formal room, a type of natural stone that is purely luxurious, then you should look at marble. Limestone is another option, which works well in most situations but keep in mind that this natural stone is softer than other materials and more porous. Finally, travertine is a newer consideration but one that looks great while providing a good level of strength and durability.

Manufactured Stone

If you want the look of natural stone, but are trying to stick to a budget, you might consider manufactured stone. This type of stone is synthetic but it still works exceptionally well for flooring and countertop material. Most often, you will find every color and texture imaginable with manufactured stone, giving it the look and feel of the real deal but without the high cost.

Other Options

Regardless of the stone option you choose, we recommend you take time to look at various options. For instance, if you plan to use stone in the kitchen for countertops, you probably want stone that is not overly porous. Additionally, stone for this purpose that is scratch resistant and heat resistant would be ideal. If you were going to use stone for flooring, you would choose one type for high traffic areas and perhaps another type for low traffic areas. The key is to do your homework so you make the best possible choice.