Slate Floors

One of the growing types of flooring is slate. This natural material is simply stunning in color, strong, durable, and offers a variety of textures. Because slate is so versatile, it works in literally any room of the home and with any style. Therefore, whether your home is Victorian or contemporary, you will have a number of beautiful slate tile options to consider.

Slate Benefits

The benefits of using slate tile or pavers is incredible. You gain the strength of concrete but with a gorgeous style. Slate tiles are available in a wide range of sizes, edges, and thicknesses. All of these factors combined create a unique flooring choice that you simply do not get with other types of material.


Slate tile is not affected by acid. That means in addition to using it on the inside of the home, it makes the perfect landscaping addition. You will also find slate tiles a popular choice for steps, retaining walls, driveways, countertops, and more. With slate, you can enhance the appearance and value of your home inside and outside.


The interesting thing is that over years, slate has been quarried, which means there is a tremendous amount of waste. Today, we see many companies taking the waste, consisting of dust, shards, and odd pieces, and creating beautiful tile designs. For instance, it is estimated that about three billions tons of wasted slate can be found in just one National Park alone.


The colors of slate make it one of the more loved choices. For instance, no slate tile is exactly the same color. While you can stay within the same color hue, you will always find variations, which is what makes this type of tile so wonderful. Slate comes in variations of black, green, red, blue, gray, and even purple. However, new technologies can incorporate colors, giving you the perfect look.

Maintaining Slate

To maintain the beautiful color of your tile, you will need to make sure the tiles are polished, using a high gloss sealant but one recommended by the manufacturer. Remember, if exposed to sunlight directly or for long periods, color will fade. However, by sealing the slate tile, which is done three to five times annually, you will help the color remain gorgeous.