Laminate Flooring

Hardwood floors have been around for centuries but in today's market, we see a beautiful and strong alternative known as laminate flooring. For one thing, laminate flooring is less expensive. However, other benefits to this option include easy installation, ease of maintenance, and a wonderful selection of colors and patterns. Keep in mind that laminate flooring is not natural wood but actually manufactured. That means in addition to making your home look and feel wonderful, you are also supporting the environment.

No Acclimation

You will find a huge difference between hardwood flooring and laminate flooring pertaining to installation. For instance, when a professional installer orders the type of natural wood you want for your home, it is delivered where it will need to sit for several days to several weeks acclimating to the climate/environment. Obviously, this holds up the installation time. However, with laminate flooring, the material does not have this same requirement so once delivered the installer can get to work immediately.

Maintenance Advantages

Another huge advantage to using laminate is that it is so easy to keep looking beautiful. With hardwood floors, a strong finish and protective coat are required to protect the surface from scratches, scuffmarks, gouges, moisture, food, and liquid spills, and so on. If the protective coat is worn down, the actual wood becomes damaged. In this case, the only solution would be to have the wood sanded down and refinished or to completely, replace the affected plank.

However, with laminate flooring, you would not have this problem. If you were to spill a drink on this type of floor, you would simply use a damp cloth to wipe it up and then a dry one to dry the spot. Without having to provide ongoing maintenance to keep your laminate flooring beautiful, you can see why it is such a popular choice. For families with children, this material would work perfectly in the dining room or a high-traffic family room.

Look and Feel

Laminate flooring looks so much like real hardwood flooring that it is difficult to tell the two apart. Then, considering there are more than 30 different brands of laminate flooring, you can be sure there will be many exceptional choices specific to color and pattern. Again, laminate flooring is very affordable, a mere fraction of the cost when compared to natural hardwood.