Hardwood Floor Styles

Today, you will find a huge selection of hardwood floor styles ranging from finished to unfinished, from oak to cherry, from plank to parquet, and more in between. Because so many different families now use hardwood floors, manufacturers have created beautiful and innovative options to fit every need. When buying hardwood floors, it is important that you look at a number of hardwood floors styles to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Typically, people will choose a style of floor based on the architecture of the home and the indoor decor. However, lifestyle is also an important consideration. For instance, if you have pets and children, choosing a floor made from hardwood versus softwood would make much more sense. If you are unsure of what you need, you can always work with your local home improvement store, flooring store, or a professional in your area for assistance.


To gain a better idea of what you would expect to find when shopping for hardwood floor styles, we will begin with color. Obviously, you want to choose color that enhances the appearance of the home. The good news is that with so many possibilities, you can achieve exactly the look you want. Keep in mind that many types of hardwood floors can be painted or stained so if you like the type of wood and/or grain but not necessarily the color, it could possibly be changed.

Hardwood Species

Then of course, you have the species of hardwood floor styles, which would include all the various types of wood. In this case, you will find over 50 unique species to cover both domestic and exotic woods. Then within these 50 species are huge choices specific to color, hardness, and even price. For example, if you want something warm and traditional but also reasonably priced, oak is a great choice. On the other hand, if you want something with more style and a little on the exotic side, bamboo is awesome.

Hardwood floor styles come in varying grades.


With Clear wood, you would end up with wood void of defects. Although there could be a few minor imperfections, typically these are so small and insignificant they do not matter.


Select wood is not as good as Clear. With Select, some natural characteristics would be visible to include color variation and/or knots.


With common wood, you would be able to choose from a one or a two. With one, the appearance is variegated with knots, wormholes, and light/dark colors. For number two, the wood has a more rustic appearance.

Hardwood Grades

Finally, hardwood floor styles include grades of first, second, and third, which vary in color and character marks specific to the species.