Exotic Woods

When choosing hardwood floors, most people stick with traditional species such as red oak, white oak, mahogany, cherry, pine, beech, birch, or Douglas fir, all beautiful choices. However, you can also choose any number of exotic woods. Typically, exotic woods are more expensive and sometimes, harder to find but they also create a rich appearance that is unrivaled.

Exotic Wood Locations

Many exotic woods come from Australia, South America, Africa, and the Far East. In all, you would have your choice of close to 100 different species, each with a unique look as far as grains, colors, stability, hardness, grades, sizes, and so on. Although it might be tempting to go with just any exotic wood, you want to choose what is best for the region where you live, as well as the style of your home and decorum.


While more expensive, the good news is that exotic woods are quickly becoming the hottest trend. Because of that, many manufacturers and distributors are battling to be more competitive. To show you just a few samples of the type of exotic woods you can find, we have listed a few of our favorites.


Originating from Brazil, lacewood offers a reddish brown color that is perfect for any style. While you could use lacewood for the entire floor, many people prefer to use it for accent borders. Typically, this type of exotic wood will change slightly in color from the time it is first milled to settling after installation.

Amaretto Wood

This exotic wood has varying colors from a light, yellowish tan to a dark, reddish brown. Without doubt, Amaretto wood is distinctive, making it a popular choice.


Of all species of exotic woods, purpleheart is without doubt one of the most unique. The wood is actually purple, which ranges from a deep purple to a bold purple. This wood is dense with a fine grain. While not for everyone, purpleheart flooring has its place!

Movingui Wood

Coming out of West Africa, this exotic wood species is simply stunning. The color is white to straw for the sapwood variety and a golden yellow to orange brown for the heartwood variety. If you want flooring material that is hard, insect resistant, and magnificently beautiful, this would be the ideal choice.