Cyress and Hickory

In this article, we wanted to address both cypress and hickory floor types. The possibilities associated with hardwood floors are truly amazing. You will find a wide range of species such as maple, walnut, oak, bamboo, and now, cypress and hickory floor types too. Each type of wood used for flooring offers a distinctive look and feel. In addition, all species have advantages and disadvantages.

Since cypress and hickory floor types have become increasingly popular, we wanted to talk about the pros and cons. The one thing you would notice with both species is the warmth brought to the room. Both cypress and hickory are elegant but yet great choices for casual rooms such as a den, bedroom, or family room. Therefore, you can use both species anywhere in the home and be 100% satisfied with the results.


We will begin our look at cypress and hickory floor types with cypress. The first thing you would notice when you look at a cypress hardwood floor is the knotty pine design. In fact, many people confuse cypress with pine since they are cousins so to speak. The main difference is that a cypress hardwood floor offers more earthy tones than what you would see with pine.

Because cypress has natural greens, ambers, and browns in the color, it works exceptionally well with any type of furniture. For instance, if your furniture were made from oak, pine, or walnut, cypress would enhance it beautifully. Cypress as mentioned has knots, as well as wonderful swirls. The benefit here is that pets or human wear and tear would not show up nearly as much as what you would see with plain wood. Finally, the coloring and design of cypress can actually give a room a much more open feeling.


Now, we want to address hickory in this article pertaining to cypress and hickory floor types. Although hickory was not considered a first choice 10 years ago, it has skyrocketed to fame in the past five years. Hickory is another species of wood that is compatible with any type of furniture. In other words, hickory can be dressed with mahogany or dressed down with pine. However, the fact that hickory is among the strongest and most durable of all woods, you can expect it to wear well and last for years.

Obviously, if you were going to invest your hard-earned money on hardwood flooring, you want great options and the best. The thing to remember with cypress and hickory floor types is that not everyone appreciates the natural knots and swirls. However, remind yourself of the many advantages of these two species when looking around. After all, while an oak floor is hard, cypress and hickory floor types are harder, meaning you will enjoy a beautiful room for a long time to come.