Cork Flooring

Today, people are looking for new options of flooring. Tired of carpeting, which is not good for individuals with allergies, cold concrete, and outdated materials are simply becoming a thing of the past. However, in their place, we see new and exciting alternatives to include exotic hardwoods, bamboo, and cork.


Cork is grown from the cork tree, which grows naturally in western Mediterranean countries. This particular material has long bee used for all types of things such as ship insulation, railcar insulation, fishing nets, bulletin boards, and more. However, with new technology and innovative ideas, it has now become know that cork is also an excellent floor material.

Floor Uses

Cork used for floors first came about in the early 1900s. Then Frank Lloyd Wright began using cork flooring during the 1920s, which spread word of its popularity. In addition to its natural beauty, cork is also a strong and durable solution. For those reasons, cork makes a perfect solution for both homes and offices. Now, with time come new materials and technologies so when vinyl and engineered wood entered the flooring scene, cork took a back seat but we see a rebirth in interest.


For one thing, cork floors are highly versatile, meaning they work well in any room of the home. The only exception would be installing a cork floor in the kitchen, basement, or bathroom where moisture could be a problem. Other than that, cork flooring is perfect for all other rooms, giving you a warm appearance, comfortable surface, and durable floor to enjoy.


Interestingly, cork floors are comprised of approximately 50% air. For that reason, this type of floor is very lightweight, while also being an excellent sound absorber. Unlike other types of flooring materials, cork also does not show dents, grooves, or scratches. Then, if you live in a colder region of the country and are tired of stepping out of bed and onto a cold floor, you will love cork since it is a natural insulating material. Additionally, cork is perfect for people with allergies, asthma, or other breathing problems in that it is allergy free.


Bamboo is a popular option for flooring because bamboo trees can grow to maturity in about four years. Cork is similar in that the trees can be harvested every eight to nine years. That means the trees are never damaged or cut down. Instead, the trees continue to grow and create more bark. That means with cork, you end up with an environmentally rich solution that looks great, feels great, and is great.