Ceramic Tile

One of the most beautiful flooring materials on the market is ceramic tile. By changing out old carpeting or linoleum, you can completely transform the appearance of your home, creating a rich, refined look. Ceramic tile has a wonderful texture and design, all created by nature. In addition, when you begin shopping for new ceramic tile, be prepared to find hundreds of options for patterns, colors, styles, shapes, and even finishes.

Ceramic tile dates back thousands of years but today this flooring material has been enhanced for strength and beauty. In fact, if the last time you looked at ceramic tile was five years ago, you will be shocked by the magnificent improvements in what the marketplace now offers. Regardless of your home's style, architectural features, or personal preference, you will find many types of ceramic tile that you love.


This natural product is comprised of materials such as clay, minerals, and water. Now, some people like the look of glazed ceramic tile, which is still made from the same materials but in this case, the surface has a special coating. As a result, the coloring and finish are shinier. The great thing about glazed tile is that in addition to making beautiful flooring, it is also a great choice for walls, bathtub tile, and so on. The benefits associated with ceramic tile are tremendous, as you will see from the information below.


When it comes to floors, nothing surpasses the performance of ceramic tile.

Care and Maintenance

Ceramic tile is easy to clean, especially glazed tile. Because this material is not highly porous, it easily resists dirt, stains, and odors, making clean up a breeze. In fact, a clean, damp cloth is about all you ever need.

Damage Resistance


While some types of ceramic tile can scratch, if you choose tile grades such as III or IV, you will find it near impossible to damage.


With glazed ceramic tile, you have a dense material that does not absorb moisture of any kind.

Fire and Heat

Unlike carpeting, ceramic tile will not burn. Even if the tile were to be in a fire, it would not emit any type of dangerous fumes. Best of all, anything hot placed on ceramic tile such as a pot, would not cause burning, melting, or scorching. Because of this, ceramic tile is a great option for kitchen countertops.


Because the options for ceramic tile are so varied, you can create literally any look you want. For this reason, ceramic tile is a perfect addition to any room of the home.

Environmentally Friendly

Since only natural materials are used in the making of ceramic tile, you never have to worry about the accumulation of bacteria, odors, or allergens, which can cause all types of health problems.