Carpet Types

No matter what the look you are going for when buying carpeting, you will be amazed at all the possibilities. Over the years, carpet types have increased dramatically, meaning every person, regardless of style, will find a number of perfect choices. The marketplace today offers beautiful colors, exciting textures, and practical styles that will literally transform your home, turning it from ordinary to extraordinary.

In all, you have six primary options for carpet type. These include plush, frieze, textured, looped, cable, and cut and loop. However, among these six options are unique characteristics, which is where you get so many beautiful choices. Additionally, different carpet types perform differently so when choosing your new carpet, you need to keep not just appearance but also performance in mind.


Sometimes referred to Saxony, this carpet is absolutely, the most luxurious. Due to the rich texture and appearance, you typically see plush carpeting used in formal rooms. The look is smooth and soft, which is created by each piece of yarn being twisted in a uniform manner. Whether needing a rich, sophisticated look for your dining room, living room, or master suite, plush carpeting is perfect. The only downfall is that this particular type of carpet does not hold up well in high traffic areas. Additionally, because of the smooth texture, vacuum lines and footprints will show.


If you need carpeting that is durable and strong, Frieze is the best option. The style of this carpet is a cut pile, which is constructed with an extremely high twist level, meaning that each individual yarn strand is twisted tightly, creating a curl at the end. Because of the way in which Frieze is made, the texture is somewhat knobby. However, the carpet will wear and wear, making it the ideal solution for high traffic areas. This texture also hides vacuum lines and footprints, being ideal for living rooms, family rooms, or bedrooms, easily accommodating children.


Of all cut pile carpeting, textured is probably one of the most popular. The construction in this case is yarn with alternating twists, which is what creates a two-tone look. In most cases, people wanting a more relaxed or casual environment would go with textured carpeting. With this carpet being able to handle high traffic, this works perfectly in all rooms of the home.


The more common name for looped carpeting is Berber, which is made from large, bulky yarn made in a level or multi-level loop design. In most cases, looped carpet is made from olefin fiber although today you now see some options being made with nylon or even a combination of other carpeting materials. Regardless, you will discover that looped carpeting is extremely durable since the yarn tips are not cut.

Again, if you want carpeting for a more casual atmosphere, looped is ideal. This carpet is also perfect for high traffic areas, making it an all-purpose option. The one downside to choosing looped carpet is that seams are more visible. Even so, going with looped carpeting in a solid color, flecked pattern, or varying level of yarn design, you will be amazed at how great your home looks.


Made from yarn that is thick and long, you will find that cable carpeting feels great underfoot. This type of carpeting is simply beautiful, making it the ideal choice for literally any room of the home. However, cable is not super great in high traffic areas in that it can become matted. Therefore, while cable would be great throughout the home, we do suggest you avoid it in hallways, on stairs, or in foyers.

Cut and Loop

The final carpeting option is the cut and loop, which can be used to create a formal or whimsical appearance. Made from a combination of cut and looped yarn pieces, this carpet is great for unique patterns. Considered low profile carpeting, there are instances in which the seams would show. Because of this, you definitely want the carpet installed by a professional. Just remember that the distinctive look and huge range of colors makes the cut and loop perfect for formal or casual environments.

More Information

World Floor Covering Association: Association that has a lot of information on carpeting listed on their web site.