Bamboo Floors

Many exotic wood species used for creating hardwood floors are expensive. Originating from the Far East, Africa, Australia, South America, and other countries, the cost is high. However, one type of exotic wood that is affordable, easy to find, and makes one of the best options for hardwood flooring is bamboo. Because of its rich beauty, hard qualities, and lifetime quality, sales for bamboo flooring has skyrocketed.

Bamboo is Hard

One of the greatest benefits in choosing bamboo flooring is that this material is as hard as maple. Because of this, bamboo flooring does not dent or scratch easily. Additionally, bamboo is 50% more stable than red oak, which is a favorite choice. The interesting thing is that bamboo is not actually wood but grass. Unlike trees that take decades to grow after being cut or planted, bamboo rejuvenates within four to five years. Therefore, bamboo is also the best choice for environmentally aware people.

Bamboo Facts

The color of bamboo is a golden yellow although it can always be stained to a different color. Another interesting fact about bamboo is that there are more than 1,000 different species found around the globe. The process of harvesting bamboo has a direct impact on the appearance. For instance, some processes involve the bamboo being steamed. As a result, the pattern is elaborate and distinct.


Because of the growing need for bamboo flooring, you can easily find 50 plus colors. Typically, manufacturers take pure bamboo and then add stain or color to meet the customer's needs. This way, the flooring blends in and complements literally any style. With bamboo floors, you can create a masterpiece of a room whether contemporary, traditional, or rustic.


Just as with other types of wood floor, bamboo comes prefinished or unfinished. This material is usually installed using the glue down or nail down technique and we do recommend you have the work done by a professional in that installing any hardwood flooring is a challenge. Additionally, bamboo is easy to maintain and when cared for properly, will withstand daily wear and tear while looking beautiful.

Other Uses

Today, we see bamboo used not just in flooring but also for paneling, cabinetry, countertops, and much more. Naturally resistant to insects, offering a magnificent appearance, being highly durable, and fitting within most budgets, it is no wonder sales for bamboo flooring are so great. If you want to do something special for your home, both for appearance and value, you cannot go wrong in choose floors made from bamboo.