Hardwood Flooring Types

With so many possibilities associated with a hardwood floor, we wanted to provide you with a wood flooring guide. It used to be that you had just a few options from which to choose but today, you have a number of excellent choices for both hardwood and softwood. Although choosing is often associated with personal preference, you also want to consider the amount of traffic, the use of the room, decorum, and so on. For instance, if you want something for an entryway or foyer, then oak or hickory would make great choices because they are strong and durable.

In this wood flooring guide, we will address the various types of woods to help you understand them better. This way, when you get ready to improve the appearance of your home, you can purchase from an educated perspective.


This type of wood flooring offers a uniform, light texture and grain. Ash falls within the hardwood family and is a popular choice for its beauty and strength.


Considered an "exotic" type of wood, it has exploded in popularity. Bamboo is actually stronger and more durable than most of the hardwood species. Although this is officially a grass, it can be used for flooring. The main benefit to using bamboo is that because the plant can be harvested every five years, it is plentiful and affordable.


In our wood flooring guide, we wanted to make sure we addressed birch. Although this wood is soft, it has a beautiful appearance with knots and swirls very similar to pine.


This softwood features large patchy areas of dark grain. While some people love the appearance of fir, others feel it makes too strong a statement. Remember, choosing your hardwood floor relies on personal preference.


This too is a hardwood flooring option, which is very popular. This type of hardwood has a fresh, light color and while there is evidence of grain, it is slight.


With oak, you would enjoy a dark, tight grain. Oak flooring comes in a variety of hues from a light honey to rich amber. Because of the wide selection, affordability, beauty, and strength, oak remains the most popular choice for hardwood floors today.


This particular wood falls into the softwood category. Throughout history, pine was a popular choice in that the wood was widely available. Typically, you would expect to see pine used in older or more rustic style homes. However, because it is easy to maintain and offers a bright, airy look and feel, we now see pine being used in many home styles, even contemporary. As you can see with this wood flooring guide, you have excellent choices that can be used however you see fit.