Wood Floor Problems

Although most hardwood floors are made to provide a durable and strong solution, just as with any flooring, wood floor problems can and do arise. Even then, most wood floor problems are easily solved but we wanted to address some of the more common issues and the best way for resolution. With preventative maintenance and good quality food, you should experience few, if any problems.


Sometimes, wood floors will start to squeak. While the squeak may be loud and annoying, this problem is fixed easier than one might think. For starters, you can purchase a number of products on the market made to eliminate squeaking floors. In addition, some of these products work on all types of flooring types. What happens is that the wood might have loosened, which means as the weight of people or pets is added, the planks move, thus the squeak.

Wood floor problems of squeaking can also be related to loose nails, which is relatively common. For this problem, you have a number of options. If the nails have loosened, you can usually nail them back down. If the loose nail is on the bottom floor no problem but if the problem exists on an upper floor, you have a challenge. You could also try using old remedies between the floorboards such as talcum powder or liquid was but in some cases, the only solution might be to hire a professional to assist.


Wood floor problems might also be with sloping. When homes settle, they do not necessarily settle evenly. When this occurs, you might end up with a sloping floor with as much as a one-half inch difference. The solution in this case would be the installation of sleepers. For instance, using 2x4 material and scribe where the floor needs to be leveled works well. The downfall to correction a problem such as this is the cost and time involved.


Finally, wood floor problems associated with scratches is also common. With wear and tear from people and pets, you are bound to experience some scratches. Obviously, the most important solution is prevention. In this case, avoid wearing high heels on the hardwood floor, do not allow the children to roller skate, wear cleats, or play with metal cars on the floor, and make sure your pet's nails are trimmed. If you do experience a scratch, the fix is usually easy. If the scratch has not penetrated the wood's protective coating, you can use fine sandpaper to buff it out and then reseal. However, if the scratch is deep, you may need to replace that piece of wood or hire a professional to correct the problem. As you can see, while wood floor problems do arise, most are easy to fix.