Common Carpet Problems

Most homes in this country have carpet in one or more rooms, which creates a warm and inviting appearance, while adding comfort when walking around. If you are thinking of buying new carpeting, the first step is to purchase the best quality you can afford. Although this does not guarantee you will not be faced with problems, quality carpeting and professional installation will certainly reduce any risk. In this section, we have provided some of the more common issues people deal with when it comes to carpet.


Over time, some carpet will begin to thin, which is typically the result of heavy traffic. Keep in mind that even high-end carpet can experience thinning pile but to reduce that chance of this happening, we recommend you vacuum on a regular basis and use throw rugs to absorb some of the foot traffic.

Texture Wear

Another common problem with carpet that is caused from heavy foot traffic is when the texture begins to wear. Again, this may not always be avoided but you can do things to reduce the problem. For instance, scheduled vacuuming, using area and throw rugs, and placing protectors under furniture legs will certainly help.


If you have ever moved furniture around, you know how its weight can cause indentations in the carpet. The best way to avoid this is to place all furniture on special cups or glides, which help by dispersing weight out over a larger area. If you do move furniture and find places in the carpet with indentations, you can use a simple spoon and move the pile back into place.


Unfortunately, carpet can fade, even high quality carpet. To avoid this, start by closing the drapes or blinds during the times of day when directly sunlight comes inside. Even using curtain sheers to block out some of the harsher rays will keep your carpeting looking new and gorgeous.


The amount of matting you will get with carpet will depend largely on the manufacturer. However, this carpet problem is usually the result of the yarn becoming untwisted and then tangling with other yarn pieces. Although there a number of causes, you can reduce the problem by making sure the carpet is installed by a professional and that you keep it vacuumed regularly.


Yes, carpet can shed, which means it attaches to clothing, furniture, gets in the air, etc. Some shedding is perfectly normal and expected but making sure you vacuum once or twice a week, use a good vacuum, and cleaning professionally when needed will help keep the level of shedding to a minimum.

Other Problems

In the first part of common carpet problems, we addressed some of the more common and easier to fix issues. We also mentioned that while buying quality carpet and having it installed professional will certainly eliminate the potential for problems, there are other things you might find happen, which we will touch on in this article.

Filtration Soil

Sometimes, areas of the home where there is airflow causes a problem of soil lines. For instance, carpeting around or under doorways, along walls, on stairs, etc, is all exposed to air that allows dirt or soil filtration to occur. The dirt will settle on and in the carpet fibers, creating a dirty look. The key here is to stop as much airflow as possible, which can be done in a number of ways depending on where the gap is located. Then, have the carpet professional cleaned so it again looks brand new.


Unfortunately, carpet made from wool or wool blend naturally attracts certain types of insects that can wreck havoc. For example, beetles are very damaging in that not only do they do damage themselves, but in about one to two weeks, they also lay eggs so you soon have a huge infestation. Then you have the potential of fleas if you have animals, moths, and so on. If the problem is severe, you will need to have your home professionally treated. Then, if you are in the process of looking at new carpeting and have your eyes set on wool or wool blend, be sure you go with a manufacturer that treats the fibers, making them more insect resistant.


No one likes carpet with a bad odor but it happens. After all, between people and pets bringing things from the outside in, there are also spills. Usually, odors can be corrected by having it cleaned by a professional. If you decide to go with new carpet, you will also find that for a few days, some carpet will emit an odor that is normal but not always pleasant. Although this will dissipate on its own in a couple of days, opening windows for fresh air will help.


If you find that a high heel, pet's claw, furniture, or something else pulls a piece of yarn out, it can simply be clipped off at the level of other carpeting. When a piece of the carpet is pulled out, this is called "sprouting" since it looks like something is growing out of the carpet.

Carpet Treatments

When buying any type of new carpeting, we strongly recommend that you consider having it treated so it will retain its appearance and wear longer and better. Today, most carpet manufacturers offer a variety of topical treatments to include those for stains, odors, soil and dirt resistance, and even treatments for antistatic purposes.

Ripples and Wrinkles

The most common problem seen when carpet is not installed correctly is the appearance of ripples and wrinkles. Carpeting has to be stretched very tight, which requires the services of a professional and the right tools. Not only will this keep the carpet looking great but it will also help extend the life of the carpet.