Hardwood Floor Repair Tips

Although wood floors are simply gorgeous and very durable, chances are there will come a time or two when you need to know about wood floor repair tips. Wood floors need to be maintained with a protective coat to help eliminate scratches, chips, and scuffs. Additionally, wood floors can overtime begin to discolor, fade, or the wood might start to warp or rot. The best way to keep your beautiful floors looking that way is by keeping them in excellent condition. To help you accomplish this, we have provided some helpful wood floor repair tips.

Melted Wax

The nice thing about using wood for flooring is that generally, it is a forgiving material. Again, most types of damage occurring to wood floors can be prevented. If you have a wax-finished floor, a scratch or stain would penetrate below the surface. The wood floor repair tips for this would depend largely on the type of stain. For instance, if you found crayon or candle wax on the floor, fill a plastic bag with ice, applying it to the surface of the stain to help make it brittle. Once the crayon or candle wax hardens, it can be picked off.

Cigarette Burns

If the wax-finished floor had a cigarette burn and the burn is not overly deep, start by gently rubbing the spot with moistened steel wool. Now, if the cigarette burn is deep, you can try using a sharp penknife or utility knife to remove only the fibers that have been charred. Then, rub the burnt area lightly with fine sandpaper, followed by staining, waxing, or hand buffing.

Dog Spots

Another common problem is spots caused by the family dog. In this case, use #000 steel wool to rub the spot along with mineral spirits. If this does not work, you can try applying chlorine bleach or vinegar to the area, letting it soak in for about an hour. When done, rinse with a clean, damp cloth, wipe dry, and use fine sandpaper to smooth out the area. Again, when done you would simply stain, wax, or hand buff the area of the floor.

Now, if you have a finished floor, the wood floor repair tips would differ somewhat. In other words, you want to pay attention to the type of wood and the type of finish. This way, you will know what material you are working with to determine the best repair solution. The internet, as well as your local home improvement store or lumberyard should be able to provide you with specific wood floor repair tips if the need ever arises.