Wood Floor Finishes

You can change the appearance and feel of your home simply by changing your wood floor finish. If you have wood floors that need to be redone, now would be the time to consider all your choices so you end up with the perfect look for the style of the home and your personal preference. The benefit to finishing floors is that materials today are easy to use, they require little maintenance, and provide your home with a lifetime of beauty.

Finishes Protect

Wood floor finishes are much different from what they were 20 years ago. We all live hectic lives, running in and out all day so we need flooring that can withstand wear and tear, dirt, mud, grime, and so on. Choosing the right type of finish will protect your floor while giving it a magnificent color. In this article, we will provide you with information to help make your decision-making process a little less stressful.

Surface Finishes

Today, a popular choice is with surface finishes for wood floors. These finishes are actually extremely durable and strong, while also providing water-resistant benefits. You will also find that surface finishes are easy to maintain due to the perfect blend of synthetic resin materials. In addition to "surface finish", you might also hear this product referred to as polyurethane or urethane. Regardless, the purpose of surface wood floor finishes it to create a protective coat. With surface finishes available in matte, satin, semi-gloss, and high gloss, you can create whatever look you like.

Moisture-cure Urethane

When it comes to surface wood floor finishes, you will have a choice of five primary options. The first is moisture-cure urethane, which is a solvent-base type of polyurethane. Of all finishes, this one is highly durable and has the highest degree of moisture resistance. You can choose from amber or non-yellow coloring, which is available in both gloss and satin. The only real disadvantage is that this type of finish is difficult to apply and has a very, powerful odor.

Oil-modified Urethane or Water Based

Next is oil-modified urethane, which is actually the most common type of wood floor finish on the market today. This finish is easy to apply and being solvent-base polyurethane, it will dry in about six to eight hours. When first applied, this finish will have a subtle color that eventually turns to amber. Then, you could go with a water-based urethane, which dries via water evaporation. You will find this type of finish in non-yellowing or clear coats. Although the smell is not as overpowering as other types of finishes and the application will dry within hours, the cost for this type of floor finish is generally higher than others are.

Acid Cure Urethane

An acid cure urethane, otherwise known as the Swedish finish is yet another possibility for your wood floors. This formulate is clear and dries quickly. Other benefits include the non-yellowing and durability. Keep in mind that this particular finish has a very strong odor, which is why it should always be applied by a licensed professional. Finally, aluminum oxide is one of the newer products on the market, which is durable, actually coming with a 20-year wear warranty. Although priced higher than some, this option is a great choice.