Carpet Rating Scale

When buying many things, you look at different grades, levels, and other aspects of quality to determine what you are getting. The same is true with the carpet rating system, something that many consumers are not even aware of. Although a great investment, carpeting is not cheap. Therefore, to ensure you get the best your money can buy, you want to look at this particular system so you make an educated decision.

Evaluate Needs

Remember, when you look at carpeting, chances are you have a specific room or need so you want to buy carpet fiber and quality that will give you years of beauty, comfort, and wear. Some rooms of the home may not need the highest level of carpeting sold while some of the high traffic areas will need something at the top of the line. In addition to the information provided about the carpet rating system, always remember that a professional company or carpet manufacturer can provide any assistance needed.

Carpet Rating System

Keep in mind that when you begin your search for new carpet specific to your home, you need to understand the carpet rating system, which is provided on labels provided by the manufacturer.

5 Rating

Carpeting with a 5 rating is without doubt the most durable, having gone through extensive testing to ensure it not only meets but actually surpasses carpeting standards.

4 and Above

The carpet rating system for anything that has a 4 and above is referred to as an outstanding choice. Carpet such as this is also a great choice for any area of the home with high traffic, which is why many families will use carpet of this scale in a family room or even child's bedroom.

2.5 to 4

For this scale within the carpet rating system, you are buying carpet that is designed specifically to be durable. Keep in mind, carpeting that falls within this range are ideal for any room of the home but to ensure they stand up to the test of time while maintaining a beautiful appearance, you would need to ensure the carpet is vacuumed and shampooed on a regular basis.

2.5 and Below

Now, for any area of the home where moderate traffic is found would want to use carpet that falls in this range. This is still quality carpeting but just not as durable as some of the other choices.

Other Dynamics

Now, you want to remember that in addition to the numbers that are used for the carpet rating system, many other dynamics come into play. For example, you want to consider the geographical area where you live, meaning is there a lot of rain, mud, snow, etc, the number of people and pets living in the home, traffic patterns, and even scheduled cleaning. Taking all these things into consideration will help you choose beautiful carpeting for your home but also an option that falls in the appropriate range of the carpet rating system.