Laminate Floor Installation

Many people who buy new laminate flooring will have a professional installer complete the work. However, as we see homeowners looking for ways to save money, laminate installation is quickly becoming a weekend project. While the older style of laminate flooring would have been difficult for the do-it-yourselfer, you now have exciting and innovative options that make this a very doable project.

Develop Installation Plan

When it comes to laminate installation, not only are there new colors and styles of flooring but there are also several options for laying the floor. While installing rolled laminate, which can be challenging, new square tiles now makes this a relatively easy process. One of the more common methods associated with laminate installation is the glueless, which allows the flooring to be installed onto most existing floors. The only exception to laminate installation of this type is concrete and wood.

Prepare and Store Laminate

Keep in mind that if you are considering doing the laminate installation on your own, keep the cartons of flooring in temperatures of around 65 to 75 degrees, stack the cartons so they are flat but no more than three high for circulation, and keep the flooring material out of direct sunlight. Then, when you are ready to start the laminate installation, make sure the existing floor has been prepared. For this, you want the floor to be level, clean, and any type of quarter round, baseboard, or other molding should be removed.


Next in the laminate installation process is to determine the way in which you want the floor laid out. For instance, if your floor has a design, this should be configured prior to installation. With tile, expect that some pieces will need to be cut so they fit into corners or irregular areas of the room. If you are using tiles, you would then begin in the center of the room, extending the flooring out. This way, the primary area of the room has a clean, finished looked and any off sizes of laminate are against the wall. However, if you are installing laminate flooring that looks like hardwood, you need to start by fitting the end pieces together first, followed by locking the long side edges.

Other Things to Install

After the installation is complete, new baseboard, quarter round, or other molding would be installed. The glueless laminate installation method is so simply and can be done by a single person. While there is some work in determining the right layout and making appropriate cuts, laminate installation is often completed within days. With this material being so versatile and easy to work with, it is the perfect choice for transforming the look and feel of any home. With simple laminate installation instructions, you can enjoy the benefits of this material and knowing the results were something you achieved.