Carpet Installation

Buying new carpet is an exciting time. With new carpet, a room can be transformed in style and comfort. However, in addition to the process of choosing the right carpet for your particular needs, it is also important to understand the various dynamics associated with the carpet installation process. With this type of knowledge, you will have an easier time choosing the installer, knowing the job will be done in a professional way. Additionally, when carpet installation is done right, the carpet will look great and last longer.


Typically, when you purchase carpet from a company, they will assign an installer from a pool of employees or contractors they regularly use. Most often, these installers are professionals who have proven to do a quality job. For this reason, you should have little concern. On the other hand, if you purchase carpet from a discount company or even online, and then you would have the responsibility of finding an installer to do the carpet installation.


In addition to the actual price of the carpet, there is a separate fee for the carpet installation. Most installers will have prices that are competitive but sometimes, it pays off to scout around for the best price. Now, remember that an inexpensive installation process does not automatically equate to a poor quality job, just as expensive installation does not always mean perfection. The key is to ask questions, ask for references, and choose a licensed installer with years of experience.

Some of the different aspects you should know about carpet installation includes the following:

Furniture Moving

Today, the price of carpet installation will often include the removal and replacement of furniture but not always. To ensure you are not charged with any hidden fees for moving furniture, ask. Additionally, some installers have specific items they will move within the price, charging a fee for other items. Again, find out what is and is not included in the carpet installation price.

Door Trimming

Depending on the type and height of the carpet purchased, you may find that doors no longer open and close easily. Therefore, you need to know that there could be instances when you have an added expense to have doors shaved.


Another consideration associated with carpet installation has to do with molding. Most often, the installer would work around baseboards and quarter round with no problem. However, if any molding were to be damaged, scratched, or broken during carpet installation, the cost of repair would be your responsibility.


Another item that can potentially be damaged during carpet installation is the sub-flooring. Regardless of the type or quality of carpet being laid, the installer needs to have a quality and sound sub-flooring on which to work. If the installer finds there is damaged sub-flooring, you might need to have it replaced prior to the installation of the carpet. Depending on the installer, some are qualified to do the work.

Old Carpet and/or Tact Strip Removal

Finally, when you purchase your carpet and know who the carpet installation professional is, find out if the removal of carpet and/or tact strips is your or their responsibility. Included with this is the disposal process. In other words, if the installer does the removal, do they also dispose of the old carpet and/or strips and if so, is there an added expense.