Painted Wood

If you have hardwood floors that are starting to look a little drab, you might considering staining or even painting them. Interestingly, painted wood has become a popular way to enhance older wood floors, as well as change the appearance of new floors. As you will discover, painted wood is actually an amazing option, if done right.

With painted wood floors, you would choose all one color or go all out and create a special masterpiece. For instance, you could choose a solid color for the main portion of the floor, complementing it with a different colored painted border. Another option would be to use coordinating colors on the floor while creating a geometric shape or pattern. Of course, painted wood floors that are designed with some type of motif is fabulous.

Make a Statement

More and more, people are looking for ways to make a statement. Painted wood floors are an excellent way to achieve just that. If done by a professional, your hardwood floors could easily be transformed to look like some type of exotic wood or even marble, granite, or limestone. One of the most interesting ways of changing the look of your floors is with a faux finish.

More Designs

In this case, you could not just change the appearance, as mentioned above, but also add more designs later down the road if you wanted. Keep in mind that if you decide to change the look of the painted wood, you can but the floor would have to be sanded down again. Once the floor has been painted, the professional would then add up to four coats of urethane. In addition to providing protection to the wood, the urethane would cut back on maintenance.


To create a faux painting on your own, you would need to choose latex paint color or colors, tints and glazes, non-marking, easy release tape, various sizes of paintbrushes, rags, sponges, and a string measuring tape. Let us say you wanted to paint a marble or stone look inlay. Start by getting all your materials together. Then, make sure you have at least two coats of an oil-based finish on the wood.

The easy release tape would then be placed on the wood floor to create the design that you want. For a clean, finished look, we suggest you use fine sandpaper to lightly, burnish the inside of the tape's finish, making the edges to the floor more secure. The floor should also be cleaned so you can apply a base coat of latex paint using the tape design. After you have painted the design area, remove the tape while the paint is still wet. Next, the paint would need to dry for about 24 to 48 hours.

More Tips

Once the base coat is completely dry, you would go back over the design, taping it again. This time, the matching or coordinating paint color or colors would be applied using your choice of technique, which could be with the rag, sponge, and so on. Taking a damp cloth, gently wipe the design area so you make marble like veins. Once this is complete, you would use a thin paintbrush to color in the veins with another matching or coordinating color. Switching to a large brush, you need to smooth the veins while the paint is wet so they are not so obvious, then again remove the tape and allow the floor to dry.