The Evolution of Bamboo

In the 1940s and into the 1950s, you saw bamboo indoor furniture, picture frames, patio seating, and so on. During that time, it was common to see bamboo coupled with tropical themes, which would include window treatments, furniture cushions, lamps, plants, and so on. Over time, bamboo took a turn when it was discovered to be an ideal material for flooring.

Grows Quickly

Hardwood floors have long been a favorite for their beauty, richness, value, strength, and durability. However, the problem with hardwood of any species is that trees, many taking 50 years or more to mature, are cut down. The greatest benefit to bamboo used for flooring has to do with saving the environment. You see, a bamboo tree matures in abut four years. Once cut, a new tree grows quickly. Therefore, bamboo is an easy product to harvest in that it does not harm the environment.


Of course, in addition to being environmentally friendly, bamboo is also magnificent in appearance. Just as you would find with other wood flooring materials, bamboo comes in engineered or plank options. You will also have your choice of grade, meaning you can save money by going with a lower grade or choose the hardest and best, if you want. Then, many types of wood flooring have issues. For example, some woods are not resistant to termites, some are slippery, and some wood floors are difficult to clean but you avoid all these problems by choosing bamboo.


As you shop around for bamboo flooring, you will find that things vary depending on the manufacturer. For starters, some manufacturers are designed with the tongue and groove style, which interlocks and makes installation much easier. On the other hand, planks made from bamboo require different installation methods such as floating or gluing, which are often done by a professional.


You will quickly discover all the wonderful finishes and shades that come from bamboo. For instance, you could go with something light if you want to add bamboo flooring to a contemporary style home. However, if you have a traditional or country style home, darker bamboo is also available. Today, some manufacturers are also offering colored bamboo to include orange, blue, and green.


The most important thing you can do before you shop for bamboo flooring is to understand the varying grades. This way, you will know what to look for, as well as correct questions to ask. Generally, working with a reputable company is your best bet for the most gorgeous floor possible.