Wood Floor Decor

Wood floor and decor go hand-in-hand when it comes to updating or remodeling a home. Obviously, when choosing hardwood flooring, you want what looks nice but also flooring that is designed to last. Over the past several years, we have seen huge advancements in wood flooring. For example, not only do you have a much broader selection of natural woods but also engineered materials, finishes, patterns, styles, and more. Whether you want a distressed look, medallion, something exotic, or a traditional floor, you will have many great choices.


One of the options when it comes to wood floor and decor options is the border. The nice thing with using a border is that you get a gorgeous frame while not taking away from the main area of the floor. In most cases, people choose a border that contrasts to the other area although this is just one possibility. In this case, you might choose a honey-colored oak floor but then go with a black border, perfect for a contemporary or transitional style room.


Medallions are also beautiful for wood floor and decor. Many times, you will see a medallion added to a foyer or entryway, which is stunning. The nice thing about using medallions is that in addition to creating gorgeous designs with varying colors and species of wood, medallions can also be created using stone, leather, and wood. Depending on what you want to spend for the wood floor and decor, you could purchase something already made that is then dropped into the floor installation process or have a medallion custom made to fit your needs specifically.


Then, you could use hand distressing to create a unique, almost antique look. Although distressing is not for everyone, it looks wonderful in a traditional, shabby chic, or rustic home. The thing to keep in mind with this particular option is the time involved. For instance, a professional would likely need to do the work, which involves working with a number of hand tools such as wire brushes, chisels, awls, grinders, and even ice picks. However, while hand distressing is a time-consuming method for wood floor and decor, the results are incredibly beautiful.