Vinyl Floor Care

For anyone who wants a durable, affordable, and versatile flooring material, they should consider vinyl. This particular material is extremely strong and because it stands up to the test of time, it is a great choice. Even with the strength and durability, it is still important to understand proper vinyl floor care. With this, you have the confidence knowing your floor will look beautiful and without falling apart.

One of the most important considerations for vinyl floor care or any flooring for that matter is to read instructions and recommendations provided by the manufacturer. This way, you will have a much better idea as to the right processes, as well as products. In addition to this, the following are tips for vinyl floor care.

Post Installation Care

Once your new flooring had been installed, you will need to follow some guidelines such as:

Avoid Seam Sealer: Avoid walking on or any contact with the seam sealer during the first 24 hours

Control Temperature: Maintain the room's temperature at 68 degrees for a period of two to three days

No Cleaning: Do not thoroughly clean the new vinyl flooring for five days, allowing time for the adhesive to set

Clear Objects: Keep furniture, appliances, and other heavy objects off the flooring for five days, again allowing the adhesive to cure

Protectors: After the five day period, make sure anything heavy going on the floor has protectors on the legs, casters, etc.

Scheduled Maintenance and Care

Once your floor is in and ready to be enjoyed, you will need to clean it on a regular basis to retain the beauty. This can be accomplished by following these tips:

Sweeping: Your vinyl floor should be swept with a broom or vacuum without beater bar every other day to remove loose dirt

Wipe Spills: If something is spilled on the floor, wipe it up immediately with clear water and a clean cloth

Manufacturer Recommendations: For harder to remove stains, follow the recommendations offered by the manufacturer as to the best product

Shine: To breathe life back into your dull floor, use warm water and a clean cloth mixed with a small amount of clear ammonia

Area Rugs: For high traffic areas and entry/exit areas, use throw rugs or area rugs.

No Abrasives: Abrasive cleaning products, solvents, wax, oil, and soap should never be a part of the vinyl floor care plan

Miscellaneous Vinyl Floor Care Tips

In addition to standard cleaning, these tips will help with some of the unexpected problems that might arise.

Damage: Deep scratches, dents, gouges, and cuts will need to be repaired by a professional. Place a throw rug over the area to help protect it and eliminate further damage prior to help arriving.

Extend Life:If you purchased a lower qualify vinyl floor, you can help extend the life and wear of the floor simply by applying three coats of high quality floor polish after the curing time for the adhesive