Wood Floor Maintenance

To enjoy beautiful floors, it is essential to understand proper wood floor maintenance. Although the process of wood floor maintenance is similar amongst all types of wood, you might find some differences. After all, we have seen tremendous advancements in the technology and materials used for wood floors. Considered a great investment and an excellent way to hold and even improve the value of a home, you want to do all you can to keep the floor in good condition.

The good news pertaining to wood floor maintenance is that cleaning and ongoing care is easier now than ever before. Typically, the maintenance is quick, easy, and inexpensive. For instance, sometimes using only a soft-bristled broom is required to sweep up loose dirt and debris. However, you could also use a vacuum cleaner but only one without a beater bar, which could cause significant damage to the flooring. Other than sweeping, wood floor maintenance might need an occasional professional product used.


The best way to ensure your floors stay beautiful while lasting for years and years is with preventative measures. For starters, you never want to use any type of tile or vinyl floor cleaning products on wood or laminate, which would cause damage. Even acrylic waxes are bad for hardwood floors, causing them to look dull and become slippery, which could pose a potential injury risk.

Throw Rugs

In addition, to protect your floors from scratches caused from moving furniture, pets, and human traffic, throw rugs are an excellent option. You should also not ever use a wet mop on hardwood or laminate floors. In this case, the moisture could cause dulling, discoloration, warping, or over time, rotting. Therefore, if you were to spill any type of liquid on the floors, you want to get it cleaned up immediately.

Common Sense

We know that hardwood floors can create a warm, rich appearance that is simply beautiful. With new and improved wood and processes, good wood floor maintenance will go a long way. Using common sense such as no high heels, cleats, roller skates, or other sharp objects on the floor will prevent scratching. Keep in mind that if your hardwood floors do become scratched, you can usually have a professional provide wood floor maintenance in the form of buffing.