Maintaining Floors

One of the most beautiful types of floor, and the flooring that retains and increases value, is hardwood. The benefits to hardwood floors are incredible. For instance, unlike carpet, hardwood floors do not promote allergens. Additionally, hardwood floors are easy to care for, simple to maintain, and they look stunning. As you will discover in this article, following a few guidelines for maintenance will ensure your floors continue looking beautiful while lasting you for years and years.

Lifetime Investment

Although you might pay a little more for hardwood floors, remember, they are a lifetime investment. For routine maintenance, all you need to do is make sure the surface of the floor is properly protected with a finish. This way, any food or drink, as well as moisture of any kind, would not cause damage. Other than that, most hardwood floors only need to be swept or vacuumed, never mopped.

Scheduled Maintenance

It is important that you provide your hardwood floors with scheduled maintenance, using only cleaner formulated for the type of flooring you have. Typically, you can check with the floor manufacturer to determine the best product. Other types of protection against spills, along with daily wear and tear, include throw rugs and furniture protectors on the legs.

Furniture Legs

Keep in mind that even if your furniture does not have a pointed leg, this can cause scratches, dents, or other damage to the floors. Therefore, it would be wise to purchase leg protectors, which are easy to find and inexpensive. You also want to make sure high heel shoes stay off hardwood floors and that children understand cleats and roller skates/rollerblades are never permitted. Then, if you have a dog or cat, make sure the nails are trimmed, something else that can cause scratches to hardwood flooring.

Avoid Wet Mops

As stated, you never want to use any type of wet mop on hardwood floors of any kind. Other things you want to avoid include dusting spray, ammonia, or cleaning products not recommended by the manufacturer in that they can destroy the protective finish, causing damage to the wood planks. Additionally, if your hardwood floor has a urethane finish, never use wax.

Low-Speed Buffing

For non-urethane hardwood floors that are impregnate with acrylic, you could perform low-speed buffing, with or without recommended cleaning products. Dust mopping would be permitted in this case but make sure you use what is approved for your specific floor. Any petroleum or water-based products should be avoided as well. If you find that your hardwood floor has a minor scratch, you could sand the area lightly, wipe off, and then refinish.