Laminate Floor Care

Laminate flooring has evolved over time where today, it is one of the most popular choices. Laminate flooring not only comes in beautiful colors and patterns, but this is also a durable, affordable, and easy to maintain material. In fact, you can even find laminate flooring that looks so much like real hardwood that telling the difference is near impossible. Of course, as with any material used to walk on, it requires maintenance, which is why we wanted to provide some easy tips for laminate care.


Every manufacturer will provide specific laminate care information. It is important to follow the information to ensure your flooring remains gorgeous and lasts a long time. The following are some of the tips for laminate care specific to ongoing maintenance.

Damp Cloth: Whenever there is a spill, use a clean, damp cloth to get it up as quickly as you can

Nail Polish Remover: If you experience tougher stains to include markers, makeup, and oil, simply dampen a clean cloth with acetone fingernail polish remover, dabbing until the spot comes up, followed by wiping the spot with regular water

Soft Bristle Broom: To keep your laminate floor looking great, it is also important to use a soft-bristle broom or vacuum without a beater bar to avoid accumulation

Clean Thoroughly: Another tip for laminate care is that on occasion, you will need to give the floor a thorough cleaning but only using a high quality product and again, one recommended by the manufacturer.

No Detergent: Avoid cleaning your laminate floor with any type of detergent or soap, which will cause a cloudy buildup and dull appearance

Spackling Knife: If you end up with something on your floor such as gum or wax, simply use a spackling knife to lift it, rather than scrape.


Just as ongoing maintenance is important, laminate care also involves protecting the floor so it looks good and lasts. These laminate care tips should be considered.

Area Rugs: For any high traffic area, you can use throw or area rugs so the color and pattern of the floor does not wear

Protect furniture Legs: If you have any furniture on your laminate floor, make sure the bottom of the legs are protected to help eliminate risk of denting or scratching the floor

No Moisture: Although spills happen, you also want to avoid exposing your laminate floor to moisture of any kind, especially over extended periods

Watch Humidity: Laminate care includes maintaining the home's humidity levels with experts suggesting between 35% and 65%.

Pet Nails: Finally, while people give little thoughts to pets, you can maintain proper laminate care simply by making sure you keep your pets nails trimmed. Again, this avoids the risk of scratching.