Retaining the Life and Beauty of Your Hardwood Floors

One of the huge benefits to choosing hardwood flooring is that care and maintenance are easy. However, as with anything, improper care can lead to a dull surface, dents, scratches, and overall poor looking floor. As you will learn in this article, retaining your floor's life and beauty is much easier than one might think. By keeping your flooring in tip-top shape, your home will look better while also retaining its value.

Advancements in Production

We now see wonderful technological advancements in the production of wood. For instance, hardwood flooring is now tougher and more durable than any other time in history. While this is good news, you still need to follow a few simple steps to make sure your floor remains the highlight of the home.

Cleaner Type

The type of cleaner used on your floor will depend on the type of wood, the surface finish, and the manufacturer's recommendation. For instance, if your flooring has a matte finish, chances are it has an oil- or wax-based finish. On the other hand, if the flooring has a nice shine, then chances are the finish is polyurethane. Because the finish is a different material, you need the right cleaner to ensure no damage is done.

Never Over Wax

Now, for hardwood flooring with a wax surface, it is important that you never over wax. However, to keep the floor looking great, you can perform hand buffing or rent a buffer. With this, the floor's shine can be renewed. Another important thing to keeping your floor in great shape is that if your floor has a urethane or polyurethane finish, you should never use a wax type finish.

Liquid can Damage

Keep in mind, regardless of the finish, moisture is the worst thing in the world for the floor. If liquid spills on any hardwood floor and is left there, it will cause serious damage. Remember, even with a good finish, pooled water will seep down into the boards, damaging the wood. For this reason, you should never clean the floor with a wet or even damp cloth or mop.

Use Vacuum Attachment

One of the best ways to keep your floor's shine is with a dust mop or a soft-bristle attachment on the vacuum cleaner. This way, dirt and debris are picked up so they do not scratch or gouge the wood. If you keep the floor cleaned on a regular basis, then dirt and dust do not accumulate to create problems. If you like, you can spray the dust mop with a cleaner, but again choosing only what the flooring manufacturer recommends.

Maintain Finish

The most important thing you can do for your hardwood floor is to make sure it has a good finish on the surface. This finish will close off gaps and seams, protecting the wood from the majority of moisture, while also providing a protective shield for daily wear and tear.