Ceramic Tile Care

Ceramic is a beautiful material commonly used for backsplashes, bathrooms, countertops, and even flooring. Ceramic tile not only looks amazing but it is also a resilient substance that will wear well and last forever if cared for properly. The key is to start with the purchase of quality tile, followed by professional installation. Once tile has been installed, the key to keeping to looking beautiful and lasting for years has to do with proper ceramic care.

Tile Tips

The following are some helpful tips associated with the proper care of ceramic tile:

Ongoing Maintenance

One of the most important things associated with ceramic care, regardless of the location of the tile is to make sure you provide ongoing maintenance. As with any material, ceramic needs regularly scheduled cleaning to ensure it remains strong and gorgeous.


Many people think that ceramic care means mopping on a daily basis. Sure, for people with small children and pets, there may be a need to mop more often but in general, your ceramic tile will only need a damp mop once a week. Additionally, rather than use high dollar products that promise longevity and beauty of your tile, the truth is that all you need is two gallons of water with one cup of white vinegar. Of course, there are some excellent products on the market but you can keep your ceramic tile in great condition with good old-fashioned water and vinegar. One note, if you have recently had your tile installed, you want to wait a minimum of three days before you damp mop.


Another tip for ceramic care is that for high traffic areas, use area or throw rugs with a good backing. Typically, areas with a lot of traffic are more prone to collecting dirt, dust, and grime. Therefore, a simple rug will add one more layer of protection.

Furniture Pads

You should also think about ceramic care and furniture. For instance, if you have ceramic in the dining room, family room, or even an entryway where you have furniture, to ensure the tile is not damaged such as scratches or chips, use furniture pads on the legs to create a protective barrier.

Grout Sealer

Proper ceramic care also includes using a quality grout sealer. The grout, which is the substance that shows between the tiles, should always be sealed. Otherwise, dirt, moisture, and so on can become trapped. Eventually, the dirt gets underneath the tile, causing it to bubble or break. Additionally, group sealer will keep the grout looking new while making cleaning much easier.


As you can see, proper ceramic care is not difficult or expensive. Using some simple tips and techniques will give you the best appearance and a much longer lasting floor, backsplash, or countertop. Good ceramic tile is an investment but one that can add tremendous value to a home's appearance and resale price. Therefore, start with good tile and then follow the provided ceramic care tips.