Carpet Care

High quality carpet is an investment so it is important to learn the various means of taking care of it. Learning techniques to treat different types of spots, the right way to clean and vacuum, and even maintain the carpet, can help floors to continue to look beautiful for many years.


Remember, even the best carpet on the market is subject to stains. Sure, there are some brands and materials resistant to wear and tear, as well as stains more than others are there are always the risk of damage. Therefore, when shopping for new carpeting, take time to learn about carpeting in order to buy something that will meet the needs for daily use while looking beautiful for a long time to come.

Stains in a typical house are almost inevitable. Therefore, we recommend you consider some of the following options. Of course, if you have a serious stain that you cannot remove on your own, rather than leave it standing, a professional carpet cleaner can always come in to help.


As soon as a stain happens (if possible), you will need to place dry, white cotton or paper towels directly on the spot. Gently press down to absorb as much of the spill as possible. The key here is to never rub. Even if tempted, use only pressure. If you were to rub the spot, the substance of the stain actually gets pushed down deeper into the fiber, making it more difficult to remove.

Cleaning Substance

While there are a number of good cleaning products for carpeting on the market, one of the best is something you can make at home. Simply mix about one-half teaspoon of a mild detergent such as Dove or Ivory dish soap with 32 ounces of warm water. Keep in mind that you want to use only clear detergents in that those with a milky appearance can actually leave a sticky residue on the carpeting. Other cleaning substances that work well include:

  • White vinegar and water (equal parts)
  • One tablespoon of ammonia mixed with one cup of warm water (this particular cleaning mixture should never be used on carpeting made from wool or wool-blended fibers)


Yes, there are some carpet materials that can actually be cleaned with a mixture of bleach and water. Typically, anything made from solution dyed fibers will clean up nicely with this substance, which would include carpets such as polypropylene. However, before you use bleach on just any carpeting, you should contact the manufacturer to see if your carpet can be cleaned with this particular mixture.


Then, when it comes to vacuuming, you can actually keep your carpeting looking beautiful and extend its life with proper cleaning. Every day, people and pets bring things into the home. Therefore, if carpeting is vacuumed once or twice a week, dust mites, dirt, dust, and other allergens are removed. For areas of high traffic, we suggest you vacuum even more often.

The best option is to purchase a quality vacuum, one that has good suction but one also designed with a HEPA filter. With this, you are getting deep into the fibers to extract some of the harder to reach areas. Although you might spend a little more for a good vacuum, to protect your investment of new carpeting, it will pay for itself in no time.


Most people give little thought to a cleaning schedule when it comes to carpeting but in fact, this is very important. As mentioned, you need to vacuum high traffic areas two to four times weekly and lower traffic areas one to two times weekly to remove dirt deep in the fibers. However, it is just as important to shampoo the carpets on a regular basis. The best option is to use a steam cleaner, which will help with not only the dirt removal, but also allergens that end up in the air. Additionally, going with a steam cleaner keeps the fibers strong while not dulling color. However, how water extraction is also a great choice, especially for hard to remove stains. Just check with your carpet manufacturer to determine the best shampooing option.

Professional Cleaning

There are some types of carpeting that should be cleaned only by the professionals. Again, the best way to determine the right shampooing solution for the type of carpeting you have is to talk to the manufacturer. Then, always choose a professional company, one with a solid reputation, a company that uses the best products available, and most importantly, one that will provide you with a 100% guarantee should the carpet be damaged.


Today, you can visit any store and find tons of cleaning products specific to carpeting. When looking at the labels, most promise perfect results but the problem is that few actually deliver. Therefore, if you want to use a powerful, effective, yet safe cleaning product on your carpet, choose the best. For instance, one that has the Good Housekeeping Seal and has been the number one choice for over 100 years is called Shaw's R2X Stain and Soil Remover. With different options for various carpet types, you will find that stains come out, leaving your carpeting looking new and feeling soft under your feet.