Proper Floor Care

Wood floors that have been cared for properly add beauty and elegance to any home. The great thing about wood floors is that they are a great choice regardless of the home's architectural style. In addition, since wood floors do not harbor contaminants such as dust mites, they make the ideal solution for people with respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies.

Simple Maintenance

Although you might spend a little more money for good, quality wood floors, remind yourself that this is lifetime investment. Simple maintenance will help protect the floor's surface, keeping it in top condition from daily wear and tear. Typically, all a person has to do is sweep and/or vacuum wood floors with an occasional deep cleaning, using only approved products.

Use Area Rugs

Other ways you can help protect your wood floors includes using area and throw rugs, especially in high traffic areas. On furniture legs, we suggest you use protectors, which will eliminate the possibility of scratches and gouges. Then, make sure children and adults avoid wearing cleats, roller skates, and high heels, which could also cause damage. The most important thing is to have the proper finish on the floors so they can withstand spills from food and liquid.

Read Instructions

Importantly, always check with the manufacturer's instructions to make sure you are taking care of your wood floors as recommended. For instance, each manufacturer will have slightly different guidelines, which are important to follow. Remember, taking proper care of your wood floors on an on-going basis will prevent the build-up of serious problems that would be hard or expensive to fix.

Avoid These

Some things you want to avoid on wood floors are a wet mop, ammonia, dust cleaners, and wax urethane finishes. Sometimes, if wood floors wear down, you can have them sanded lightly, followed by the application of a quality finish. In addition to providing better protection for the floors, this process will also bring back the luster to the appearance of the floors.

Clean Quickly

If you happen to spill food or beverage on the wood floors, make sure you wipe it up immediately with a dry, soft cloth, never damp. Sometimes, standing water will cause a white spot on hardwood floors. For this, you can gently rub the area with fine steel wool, followed by a little bit of mineral oil. Generally, this will remove the stain but be sure you touch up with the finish to again, protect this part of the floor.