Floors for Rooms

If you are in the market for new hardwood flooring, a number of factors will come into play. One of the most important decisions is choosing the right type of wood for each room of the house. For instance, some types of wood flooring do not handle high traffic areas and some wood species are not good choices in rooms with humidity. Therefore, we believe the information provided will help you make the right choice.

Entryway and Foyer

For starters, if you want to add warmth to your entryway or foyer, wood flooring is the ideal choice. Because this area of the home is the first impression, you want to do something unique and special. For instance, you could choose a simple wood pattern but then add complementary borders around the edges. For something even more elaborate, consider adding a medallion in the center of the flooring, which will make a statement.

Kitchen and Family Rooms

Kitchen and family rooms are also great places to use wood flooring. With new materials and technologies, flooring options are better now than ever before. The key is to stick with a medium-colored wood, which will look best. You see, dark or bleached wood typically shows everything so by staying in the middle of the color spectrum your flooring will look new. Just keep in mind that because there is humidity and spills in the kitchen, we strongly recommend you have an extra, protective coat applied to your wood floors.


For rooms in the home where formality is important such as the dining room or living room, you probably want a more traditional type of wood. For this, we suggest you stick with darker wood floors such as a deep oak, mahogany, or cherry. As with the entryway or foyer, you can always have the flooring enhanced with a design such as border inlays, corner accents, or a center medallion.


Now, while some people do choose laminate wood flooring for a bathroom, we do not suggest it. The reason is that the moisture generally causes problems with fading, warping, peeling, and so on. If you want the look of wood but without the challenges presented by real or laminate wood, then you might consider going with a linoleum design that looks like wood.


Finally, bedrooms are always great for hardwood flooring. You could choose virtually any type of wood, any color, or any pattern. Simply purchase what fits best with your decor and personal style. The only thing to remember is that furniture should have protective pads under the legs so the floor is not accidentally scratched. Other than that, look at all your options to find the one that fits best.