Wood Floor Finishes

Just as you will find wonderful selections for species, cut, and color, wood floor finishes also vary. If you want your wood floors to remain looking beautiful and new while providing you with long years of enjoyment, then you definitely want to have a good quality finish applied. Typically, the finish used consists of some type of urethane, which forms a special coating of protection. In addition to protecting the floor from scratches, wood floor finishes also help against moisture or liquid spillage.


Wood floor finishes also reduce the amount of maintenance required. In most cases, all you would need to keep the floors clean is a soft-bristled broom. Sometimes, vacuum cleaners can be used but in this case, make sure they are not the models with beater bars. In addition, while you would never want to use a wet mop on floors, the wood floor finishes allow a simple cleaning with a professional cleaning product.


To understand the various options for wood floor finishes better, we wanted to provide you with specific options. For instance, you might go with an oil-modified urethane, which is exceptionally easy to apply. This type of polyurethane is a solvent-based product that will dry in about six to eight hours. Another option is a moisture-cured urethane. This too is solvent-based but actually better when it comes to moisture-resistance and durability. While the oil-modified urethane ambers, the moisture-cured solution is available for ambers, along with non-yellowing, as well as gloss or satin.

Water-Based Urethane

A water-based urethane is another popular choice, which comes in a non-yellowing and clear option. The benefit with this finish is the quick drying time and mild odor. Wood floor finishes are also available in conversion varnishes. This particular type of finish dries clear to slight amber. If you want durability, this option is an excellent choice. The downfalls include a strong odor and the fact that the finish must be applied only by a professional. Finally, you could use a type of penetrating stain or wax. With this, the coloring gets down into the wood's pores, hardening to create a protective seal.

Without doubt, hardwood floors are a beautiful and practical choice. While this floor is designed to provide years and years of enjoyment, the wood will need to be maintained. When you purchase hardwood flooring, it will likely come with a protective finish, which you would be able to select. However, you can also save a little money by purchasing unfinished wood and applying the finish or stain yourself. When done correctly, wood floor finishes will lessen the potential for damage.