Wilson Art

While there are a number of choices for flooring, Wilson Art is one that has excelled in the production of gorgeous laminate. Interesting, the owner, Ralph Wilson, Sr. who was originally an executive in the laminate flooring industry, only wanted to offer consumers an outstanding product but the company soon took hold, becoming one of the best known and respected laminate flooring manufacturers in the United States.

When Ralph Wilson first established Wilson Art, he viewed this more as a hobby but with his experience, he was able to develop a special formula that lead to a successful and growing business. Each of his staff is not only highly trained but also dedicated to making a difference. This coupled with beautiful and high quality laminate flooring with strong customer support is why Wilson Art is so successful.


Currently called Ralph Wilson Plastic Company, the business was established with a goal of delivering high quality laminate to consumers within the United States in a 10-day timeframe. To this day, this mission is still intact, handled by a large fleet of trucks. Additionally, Wilson Art now has 16 manufacturing facilities in the United States and Canada. With close to 40 years experience, over 200 distributors for Wilson Art are capable of serving not only domestic consumers but international customers as well.

Within a few short years of opening, Wilson Art had established itself as being on the leaders of decorative laminate in North America. By 1979, North Carolina became home to a new, innovative manufacturing plant to meet growing consumer demand. Then by 1987, Wilson Art had opened its third manufacturing plant, which is now the most innovative and efficient facility in the world. Starting with less than 250,000 square feet, the third plant has expanded to over 500,000 square feet.

Product Line

Products offered by Wilson Art include the decorative laminate along with a variety of adhesive products. Serving North America is a primary focus but Wilson Art also has a manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China with distribution centers in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shen-Zhen, and Hong Kong. There is also a Wilson Art in Europe, which is known for being one of the top decorative laminate distributors, as well as a company in the UK.


In addition to products sold under the name of Ralph Wilson Plastic Company, products are also found listed as WilsonArt, WilsonArt International, and WilsonArt Adhesives. The products are highly diversified, sold in numerous solid colors, as well as traditional and unique patterns. Additional brands consumers will find sold by Wilson Art include:

WilsonArt Flooring

High pressure laminate flooring developed specifically for areas of high traffic in residential use1, as well as light to medium applications for commercial use

WilsonArt Custom Edges

Product has fabricated and profiled edges made for furniture, countertops, and a variety of other surfaces.

WilsonArt Gibraltar and Earthstone Solid Surfacing

This includes solid surfacing specific for maximum flexibility and lower budget.

WilsonArt Gibraltar Kitchen Sinks and Vanity Bowls

Designed to bond to sheet goods for a gorgeous and precise countertop and bowl appearance.

WilsonArt Performance Laminate

For consumers who need something specialized, these products include Chemsurf Chemical Resistant Laminate.

WilsonArt Custom Laminate

Consumers can create personalized and one-of-a kind looks for laminated surfaces using screen printing and seamless inlay techniques.

Contact Information

Wilson Art: Web site has information on products, company, history, brands, and how to buy. Contact: Wilsonart International, Inc., 2400 Wilson Place, P.O. Box 6110, Temple, Texas 76503-6110, 1.800.433.3222