Tarkett is a flooring manufacturer that is based in the UK. In 2006, the company had close to 2 billion pounds in sales and had production centers in 10 countries. The company has over 7,000 employees and is one of the biggest makers of resilient flooring and hardwood products worldwide.


The company that would become Tarkett was started in 1886 in Sweden. The company has also acquired other brands and companies that date back to around that time (the earliest is Domco which was 1872). Since the company's inception, the company as acquired additional companies to include many of the brands it owns today. In addition, the company also has a tradition of starting joint ventures with companies from other countries to tap a new market.

Product Line

Tarkett's product line is extensivve. The company's product line includes sheet vinyl and vinyl tile. These are used in many areas as floor coverings when a resiliency great than that of hardwood is required. The company also markets an innovative product called FiberFloor (trademarked by Tarkett) that feels like carpet, but has the maintenance properties like vinyl or laminate. The company also laminate flooring in a variety of styles and textures. Finally, Tarkett has a line of hardwood products that include both solid and engineered products. The company also sells to commercial customers. These products are similar to the residential ones, but have styles more appropriate for stores, hospitals, or governments. The company also makes a select line of rubber flooring products that can be used for athletic facilities.


Target is also a company that has acquired a lot of brands over the course of its history. These brands include some brands that are online known in a particular location. A few of the Tarkett brands include: Azrock, Domco, Harris Tarkett, Sintelon, Sommer and Tarkett, Nafco, and FiberFloor. In the commerical space, the company has its own set of brands as well. Some of these include Johnsonite and Expressions.


As a large company, Tarkett does have a good dealer network in the US. The company also offers product warranties. The company has a large network of professional installers, retailers, and other professionals that are available to provide installation services and support. Since the company also offers wall coverings and sells to commercial customers, the dealer network is quite extensive.

Contact Information

Tarkett: Web site has information on products, warranties, company, and dealers. Contact: Tarkett Residential, 1139 Lehigh Avenue, Whitehall, PA 18058 Tel: 1-888-639-8275