Somerset is a company that describes itself as "having over 20 years in the hardwood industry." The company makes hardwood flooring product made of Appalachian hardwood. Somerset is located in Kentucky and is privately held. The company has recently expanded into pre-finished flooring and has continued to grow the business. Somerset maintains control of the quality of its flooring products by doing its own manufacturing, drying, milling, and finishing.

Product Line

Somerset makes solid flooring and engineered flooring products. The company offers finished and pre-finished versions of these types of flooring as well. In addition, Somerset offers hand scraped flooring to provide an more antique or authentic look for flooring. The company offers wood that is predominantly Appalachian hardwood. There are many different colors, styles, and finishes for these wood options.


Somerset product do carry warranties. The company provides a limited structural integrity warranty. This means that the flooring will be "free from manufacturing defects in milling, dimension, and grade for the lifetime of the floor." This does not cover natural expanding and contraction of floors due to climate. In addition, the company offers either a 25 year or a 15 year finish wear layer warranty. This means that the finishing layer will not wear through to the wood.

Dealer Network

For a company that is not gigantic, Somerset does have a pretty good dealer network. While not as extensive as the big flooring player, there are a good amount of retailers and installers that carry Somerset flooring products. In addition, it looks like the company is working hard to continue to expand its dealer network.

Contact Information

Somerset Flooring: Web site has information on products, warranties, company, and dealers. Contact: Somerset Hardwood Flooring, PO Box 1355, Somerset, KY 42501 Tel: 606-678-2842