Mohawk Industries

Mohawk Industries is the largest manufacturer of floor coverings in the United States. The company offers a broad range of floor coverings and home furnishings. It is headquarter in Calhoun, Georgia and has been in the floor covering industry for over 130 years. The company has 34,000 employees who design, make, sell, and distribute the company's floor coverings worldwide. Mohauk is one of the leading recyclers of plastic bottles that are recycled for use in the company's carpets. The company also has a vast distribution network that includes hundreds of trucks. The company is publicly traded (NYSE:MHK) and had 2007 revenues of over 7.5 billion dollars.


The company began in 1878 as a small mill owned by a family named Shuttleworth. This mill merged with another operation in 1920 for competitive reasons and changed its name to Mohawk which was named after Mohawk River Valley region of upstate New York. At this time, the company produced many types of domestic carpet. Over time, Mohawk grew both organically and through acquisitions and today is a major player in almost all areas of the floor covering industry and has operations all over the world.

Product Line

Mohauk's product line is extensive. The company offers a range of floor coverings and textiles for homes and for commercial customers. The company has a large line of hardwood flooring, ceramic tile, laminate flooring, and stone and marble flooring. The company does not make vinyl sheet flooring, but instead has an exclusive distribution agreement with one of the leading vinyl sheet manufacturers. In addition, the company also offers home furnishing like window blinds, bed spreads, pillow, blankets, and tapestries. Mohauk also offers many different types of carpet that include textured, cut-loop, and many other types.


Mohauk groups its product into specific brands that it uses to market its products to customers and create brand recognition. The next sections will outline the brands for most of Mokauk's main product areas.


Alladin: This is Mohauk's value offering for carpets. The company touts this option as functional, "versatile," and "dependable." Materials in this collection include berber, nylon, polyester, and Everguard fiber.

Horizons: This line is a little more upscale and is designed for customers that "want to make an impression." This collection features carpets with more distinctive styles that impress. The styles in this collection include "lush piles, loops to friezes, cables and shags."

WundaWeave: This appears to be Mohauk's upscale brand and gives customers and is designed for luxury. This brand feature rather unique styles and types. In addition, WundaWeave products are said to display "Impeccable taste and exquisite style."


Antiquity: This brand / collection of hardwood floors is designed to make a room feature older, tried and true styles. This collection is desbribed by Mohauk as being "founded on a long history of careful craftsmanship."

Rarity: The Rarity collection feature hardwood flooring from around the world. There are woods from Brazil, Indonesia, and many other companies. These products are designed to provide a more international or global look to a home.

Revival: The revival brand or collection is designed to match more rustic or rural decor styles and types. This means that the designed are made to evoke images of a simpler or more well-designed life.

Linage: The Lineage collection offers a range of hardwood flooring options designed for a starter home or a vacation home. These designed are simpler, but provide good and affordable hardwood floor options.


Hemispheres: This collection is for laminate flooring that is designed to provide a more international or global look. The designs are made to look like flooring types from around the world.

Earthworks: This laminate flooring collection is designed to look a lot like ceramic tile or stone floors. Many of the designs have a marble look.

Handworks: This laminate flooring is designed to look like finished wood. It makes the floor look like it was finished by hand by a skilled craftsman.

Traditions: The Traditions Collection features designs for laminate flooring that are classic and timeless. These designs do not change based on trends, but made made to evoke timeless style.

Elements: This is the more value conscious collection that is geared toward customer preferring a more minimalist and simple look.

Ceramic Tile

The company does not have a lot of ceramic tile brands listed on the company web site, but it does carry a good range of ceramic tile products.

Area Rugs and Decor

Mohawk offers area rugs and other decor that are aimed to complement its existing product line and can be sold through similar channels. These do not seem to have a lot of branding other than the Mohawk name.

Vinyl Floors

Mohawk does not make vinyl flooring, but is currently the exclusive distributor of Congoleum, a maker of vinyl flooring that has been producing floors since 1886. This complements Mohawk's existing products.

Contact Information

Mohauk: Web site has product information, pictures, design center, history, and dealer information. Contact: P.O. Box 12069 160 S. Industrial Blvd. Calhoun, GA 30701 Tel: 1-800-266-4295