Mannington is a privately owned company based out of New Jersey. The company has been in business since 1915 and has an established brand name in the flooring industry. Over the years, the company has grown so that its business includes carpet, wood, laminate, and vinyl. Mannington has two divisions; residential and commercial. The residential division focuses on homes and consumer flooring needs. The commercial business segment focuses on business and government needs. The company has four plant locations located in Alabama, Georgia, New Jersey, and North Carolina.


The company is know for its quality and innovative designs. The company won numerous awards during 2008 for excellence in the flooring industry, for innovative designs, for quality and for style. The company has many patents and values its tradition of innovation and quality.

Product Line

In terms of product line, Mannington offers vinyl flooring which the company and others in the industry refer to as resilient. The company also makes laminate along with genuine hardwood flooring. Mannington also has a line of ceramic tile that the company calls Porcelain Tile. This tile has the benefits of standard ceramic tile, but is stronger and harder than traditional ceramics. The company also makes a product called Adura (trademarked by Mannington) that is essential vinyl tile made to look like either ceramic tile or natural wood.

The company's commercial product line is somewhat similar to the residential line. However the designs are much different and would be more appropriate for a business environment. In addition, on the commercial side Mannington also offers a line of carpeting.

Dealer / Support

The company's flooring products are sold in stores throughout the US. Mannington's history and recent innovations have allowed the company to build a good network of stores and professionals that carry and sell its products. In most major cities there will be many retailers that carry the comapny's flooring products.

Contact Information

Mannington: Web site has information on residential and commercial products, history, and dealer information. Contact: Mannington Mills, Inc., Corporate Headquarters, 75 Mannington Mills Rd, Salem, NJ 08079 Tel: 856-935-3000