Homer Wood

This incredible flooring company began making one type of flooring but now, they also offer not only high quality, but also special plank flooring that is simply stunning and strong. Every person at Homer Wood is committed to providing consumers with the bests flooring available while protecting both communities and environment of the Appalachian Mountains. Homer Wood takes great pride in helping in both growth and sustainability of natural forests.

As a result of the work done by Homer Wood and others, the Appalachian Hardwood Forest is not increasing the number of trees to 2.29 for everyone harvested. This means consumers can purchase exceptional hardwood flooring from one of the best while knowing they are not damaging but actually helping the growth of this forest region. Homer Wood also harvested all the raw materials used in the making of flooring solutions and now run a zero percent waste company, making them a top choice for new hardwood flooring.


Founded back in 1984, Homer Wood began in Titusville, Pennsylvania where architectural moldings and hardwood flooring solutions were offered. At first, only four people handled all the work but within seven years, the original location was burned to the ground, which included inventory, tools, and equipment. At that time, the owners made the decision to rebuild and expand products offered to include original flooring, as well something unique to meet residential needs.

By 2004, Homer Woods reached out to local Amish artisans and their incredible talent to make and style flooring planks. At first, these craftsmen worked out of a barn close to the Homer Wood plant but soon found the ancient way of doing things too challenging. To maintain the high quality of hardwood that Homer Wood offers, the Amish joined forces with other employees at the plant, which offered a much more controlled environment for the wood. A unique aspect of Homer Wood is that every single plank created is actually signed on the back by the name of the Amish artisan who made it.

Product Line

One of the beautiful aspects of choosing Homer Woods is that customers have the option of creating something unique that meets not only needs but personal preference. For instance, this company offers cherry and black walnut that is 100% sap free, customized plank lengths, amazing Herringbone patterns, mix and match stain colors, and much more. Additionally, every plank sold is warranted that 90% of the surface area for prefinished wood will not separate or wear for 25 years or as long as the original buyer maintains ownership of the home.


Homer Woods is the original maker of the Character Grade brand, which is an extremely high quality but also special plank type of flooring. Included with this brand name is a distressed look that has been made by Amish artisans and Pennsylvania Dutch craftsman so consumers end up with solid construction, seven-coat finishes, unique lengths, beautifully finished edges, and much more.

Contact Information

Homerwood: Web site has information on products, company, relationship with Amish craftsman, and how to buy. Contact: Homerwood,1026 Industrial Drive - Titusville, PA 16354 Tel: 814-827-3855, Fax: 814-827-3629, Email: sales@HomerWood.com