Many people consider Boen to be associated with excellence in the flooring industry. Currently, flooring from Boen is sold in over 40 countries, spanning four continents. Although the headquarters of this flooring company is located in Norway, there are numerous production facilities in Norway, Germany, Russia, and Lithuania, along with sales offices in Norway, France, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, the UK, and the United States.

Since its establishment, Boen has maintained a high level of production, sales, and customer support, making it a well respected solution for high quality flooring. This type of consistency is what most consumers look for, giving them confidence that their hard-earned money is going toward a superior product. While Boen has always provided the best, the professionals are dedicated to looking for new techniques, materials, and processes that will keep their name ahead of the competition. Using raw materials, Boen is able to produce beautiful products while supporting a green environment.


In addition to a high quality product, one of the aspects of Boen that set them apart from other flooring companies is their 350 year history in manufacturing timber. This company first started back in 1641 with only two saw mills in the southern region of Norway. As time progressed, craftsman at Boen found new and improved processes for creating gorgeous and durable flooring. The one thing about Boen is that from the company's conception, there has always been a respect for the environment, which continues today.

Then close to 40 years ago, Boen began to push production ideologies and concepts, leading to the building of another manufacturing facility in Germany called Th. Hohns KG GmbH. At that time, the current owners of Boen took over and working closely with Hohns, a production line was developed in which hardwood flooring was made using multiple layers.

By 1980, Boen and Hohns expanded operations further going into the United States, as well as Spain and France. Just 10 years ago, another mill was purchased in Lithuania called the Donminga Mill. With this mill's respected presence for quality material, manufacturing processes, and customer support, Boen made a wise move in making this connection. To streamline product offering, the company chose to sell all brands under the name of Boen.

Product Line

Boen continues to work hard to come up with new methods for product and manufacturing. As a result, Boen offers an incredibly strong and efficient hardwood flooring solution that adds value to any home or office. Although Boen has numerous product options, the parquet design remains one of the top sellers due to high performance and stability.

Regardless of the flooring solution chosen, all of Boen's products are made to withstand high traffic and stress. For instance, this particular flooring material is so versatile that it can easily stand up to high levels of humidity, as well as dry climates. Then, considering that Boen is also respectful of the environment, working with only quality wood, it is easy to understand why the company is still among the top flooring solutions.


As mentioned, the Boen Group started selling all flooring products under the name of Boen starting back in 2003. Every product manufactured and sold is designed to reduce movement, creating a more secure and stable floor. The products featuring a tongue and groove design are unique in that the wood is not milled until the varnishing process is complete. As a result, flooring has no visible joints after installation and the edges and clean. Sold under the name of Boflex, this tongue and groove method is innovative, offering a strong connection that can withstand daily wear and tear for decades.

Consumers can also choose from the Boen Protect Ultra brand, which is the option for lacquered flooring. Coated with six layers, this flooring provides a surface that is smooth and extremely easy to clean. This particular product is also made to resist fading caused by sunlight. The Boen Ecoline is another brand of pre-oiled parquet made with two coats of oil, a revolutionary process that is gorgeous and wears well.

Keep in mind that under these brands, Boen offers consumers with a huge selection of grades, thicknesses, patterns, and surfaces. The boards are also available in a variety of widths and lengths depending on the consumer's needs. Finally, to maintain Boen flooring products, the company has developed special products for cleaning and ongoing maintenance called Boen Ultra Care.

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