Boa Franc

Known as being one of the leaders for manufacturing high quality, prefinished hardwood floors throughout North America, Boa Franc sets its standards to a superior level and refuses to accept anything less than perfect. Although some of Boa Franc's competitors also provide high quality hardwood flooring, Boa Franc uses state of the art processes, techniques, and equipment throughout the production, is staffed by true professionals, and focuses its efforts to ensure every consumer purchases only the finest.

In fact, people are welcomed to visit the Boa Franc headquarters where they can see some of the operations in action, as well as have the chance to talk to trained professionals. Boa Franc is set apart from others in that the entire process of manufacturing prefinished hardwood flooring is monitored carefully so nothing less than superior is sold.


Almost 30 years ago, Boa Franc was established in Saint Georges de Beauce. Within the next four years, Pierre Thabet who still owns the company to this day purchased it, bringing with him a mission and philosophy of creating only high quality flooring while keeping up with needed changes and technology. Then in 1990, North America founded a production line under the name of Mirage Classic, which focused solely on prefinished flooring.


By 1994, Boa Franc had grown to such degrees that an additional distribution center was opened in Ontario, Canada. Three years later, the company made great strides by being North America's first manufacturer of hardwood flooring to be honored with a certification for ISO 9002, which covered every stage of the manufacturing process. This meant from finding and choosing trees to the installation of the flooring in the consumer's home was at the highest standard available.

In 1999, another great step was taken by Boa Franc in the production of 2 9/16 engineered prefinished hardwood flooring, followed by the launch of Alumix, a unique finishing process using an aluminum oxide base. With sales skyrocketing, the year of 2000 proved to be one of the most memorable, a time in which Boa Franc made its presences known in both Western and Southern markets.

Additional Growth

From 2000 to 2004, Boa Franc was honored with the ISO 9001:2000 certificate, opened a new sales office in Texas, announced plans for a third production line, and created the Mirage Maestro Dealers program for training dealers to meet superior standards. Then in 2004, Sapele was an additional species of exotic wood added to the program, Alumix Ultra polyurethane was introduced for residential finishes, five-inch strips in a variety of colors and wood species was offered, a special stain process was developed for making antique looking floors, and the company designed a unique system of manufacturing by segregating hardwood flooring products into one of three groups: natural, elegant, and stylish.

Product Line

The product line now offered by Boa Franc under the name of Mirage is quite extensive. In addition to the original wood species, finishes, and sizes, consumers have many more options to consider for commercial and residential use. Best of all, every product offered by Boa Franc meets extreme standards, undergoes thorough testing and monitoring, and provides consumers with an excellent flooring solution that will provide them with a lifetime of beauty, comfort, and value. One of the most popular options is the Mirage Lock, which allows homeowners the option of doing their own installation. This makes hardwood flooring not only more affordable but the system is relatively easy.


Boa Franc products are sold under the name of Mirage throughout North America. Under the name of Mirage are various options such as the Lock system for the do-it-yourselfer, new colors to include a series called Sweet Memories, and new collections that include:


Hardwood flooring that includes a rich, classic appearance that is extremely expressive while being versatile


Flooring in this group is designed to enhance and beautify the look of any home.


Both local and exotic wood species are used in this collection group, offering a very distinctive appearance.

Contact Information

Boa-Franc: Web site has information on products, location, company, history, and buying information. Contact: Boa-Franc Plant 1, 1255-98th Street, Saint-Georges (Quebec) Canada G5Y 8J5 Tel: 418-227-1181