Award Hardwood Floors is located in Wausau, Wisconsin. The company has a manufacturing facility there and specializes predominantly in hardwood. Award is a relatively new company and was started in the late 1990's. The company's management has a lot of experience in the hardwood flooring industry. The company does not have a large manufacturing facility, but does produce a good output of wood flooring. The company also focuses on quality and design of its hardwood products.

Product Line

Award specializes is hardwood floors only. The company also carries a state-of-the art ceramic based finishing product called WEARMAX that it uses to finish its floors. In addition to the finishing product, the company also carries molding and trim for it flooring products. The company divides its hardwood flooring products into three main brands that include several styles and types.

Terra Bella

The Terra Bella brand of hardwood floors is designed to feature more contemporary and modern styles. This brand features larger plank sizes to draw attention. This brand features the following wood types: American Cherry, American Walnut, Maple, Jatoba, Beech, Red Oak, and Hickory.

Masters Touch

The Masters Touch Brand is designed to encompass hand scrapped flooring look. This flooring is designed to look antique and to provide an elegant style. The wood used under this brand are: Red Oak, American Walnut, Maple, Jatoba, Ash, Hickory, and American Cherry.

American Traditions

American Traditions brand name is designed to provide a look and feel that is traditional. These woods are mostly lighter colored and provide a standard look for homes. The woods used for these collections are: Red Oak, Santos Mahogany, Jatoba, White Oak, African Mahogany, Hickory, Maple, Andiroba, Birch.

Warranty and Support

The warranties that the company offers vary with the wood type purchased. However, most flooring products come with a lifetime warranty for structural integrity and offer a 25 year warranty for wear. This is close to the industry average and is made possible because of the . In addition, the company also seems to have a dealer network in a lot of states.

Contact Information:

Award Flooring: Web contains product details and dealer information. Contact: Award Hardwood Floors, 401 N. 72nd Avenue, Wausau, WI. 54401 Tel: 715-849-8080