Armstrong is a large global company with 2007 sales of over $3.6 billion. The company is based out of Lancaster, PA and has plants in over 10 countries and employs 12,800 people. The company is publicly traded on the NYSE under the symbol AWI. The company has three main product divisions, Armstrong Floor Products, Armstrong Building Products, and Armstrong Cabinet Products. The names of these divisions explain their areas of focus.


Armstrong is a very old company. It was started as a cork-cutting shop in Pittsburgh, PA in 1860. It quickly grew to be the largest cork manufacturer in the United States and then added new products like linoleum and vinyl as time went by. This helped Armstrong to become the leaders in the flooring industry and to reach the size and scope that the company has today. The company was hit with asbestos litigation in the nineties and went into bankruptcy protection. The company emerged from bankruptcy in 2006.

Product Line

Armstrong does make a line of cabinets and also ceiling products, the main business of the company is flooring products. The company offers a range of flooring options. These options include hardwood, ceramic, laminate, vinyl sheet, vinyl tile, and linoleum. This full range of flooring options makes Armstrong floors an attractive place to view the differences between each flooring type. Many of these flooring options include a lot options for color, design, texture, or style. With Armstrong, there are many options avialable.


Most of Armstrong's products are marketed under the Armstrong brand. However, the company has begun to market some of its flooring products under a couple of other brands. We have listed these brands in the section below.


The Armstrong brand is the main brand for most Armstrong products. There are many styles, shapes, colors, and textures that are in each set of products within the Armstrong brand. This brand encompasses the complete range of Armstrong flooring products. This range includes hardwood, ceramic, laminate, vinyl sheet, vinyl tile, and linoleum.


Armstrong has created the Bruce brand to market some of its other products. The Bruce brand spans two flooring product areas: hardwood and laminate. This brand is well recognized in hardwood and just recently began to market laminate floors as well.

Support / Dealer Network

Since Armstrong is quite large with billions in sales, the company's products are sold in many locations. The dealer network is quite extensive and there are many professionals and dealers who can provide support or installation services on the hardwood flooring products.


Armstrong offers certain limited, non-transferable warranties on many of its flooring products. These warranties are subject to many conditions and can not be transferred to the next home owner if a house is sold. In addition, proper care of the floor must be maintained and the warranties and specific items that are covered are different for each flooring product. Some examples of things that are covered for some products include:

  • Free from grading, lamination and assembly defects.
  • The finish will not wear through or separate when correctly maintained.
  • That the adhesives used will hold properly.

Contact Information

Armstrong: Site shows, product lines, brands, dealer information, and company overview. Contact: Armstrong World Industries, 2500 Columbia Ave. (17603), P.O. Box 3001, Lancaster, PA 17604 Tel: (717)397-0611