Anderson has been in the flooring business for over 60 years. The company makes and distributes a full line of flooring products that are available worldwide. Anderson specializes in wood floors and carries an extensive collection of wood flooring products. Since the company is focused on wood floors, Anderson has come up with a lot of wood floor innovations over the course of the company history. In December of 2007, Shaw Industries acquired Anderson floors and the company's main brands.


One thing about Anderson is that the company often refers to itself as "a family tradition." 60 years ago, the company was started by L.W. "Andy" Anderson. Since that time, the family has actively participated in the management of the company. Today there are several family members on the board and the family makes some important decisions regarding the direction and strategy of the company. The company specializes in wood flooring from many different wood types and styles.

Product Lines

Anderson makes wood flooring. Many of the company's products are "scraped" to deliver an older, more antique feel and presentation. The company offers two types of wood floors solid and engineered. Solid floors are solid blocks of wood and can be sanded down and reused. Engineered floors have different layers of wood that go in opposite directions to boost quality. Anderson also offers about 45 different wood types and many more styles for these wood types. In addition, the company also makes medallions. The company segments their flooring options by styles. These styles are listed below.

New Traditions

This group of flooring options is designed to carry the traditional classic and staid look, with the modern benefits of today's flooring.

World Traveler

These flooring options are composed of wood and styles from around the world. The designs in for this style are made to imitate an exotic and global look. These are mostly from woods from international markets.

Urban Living

These styles feature flooring options that are contemporary and would look good in a loft of condo in the city. They are kind of urban trendy and feature more modern looks.

Casual Comfort

The casual comfort styles are made for vacation homes or homes that want to evoke a sensation of relaxation.


In addition to styles, Anderson also breaks down the product line into brands. These brands are designed to create recognition with the consumer and to project an aura of quality and craftsmanship. Each brand is composed of several collections that have wood types within them. The brands that Anderson offers are listed in the section below.


The Anderson brand includes an extensive line of flooring products across almost all of the wood types that Anderson carries. This is the flagship brand and has 18 total collections of wood floors.


Appalachian is designed to carry wood floors that hearken to that region. The brand contains 9 collections that are designed with this in mind.

Anderson Pacific

This brand contains three collections each designed to for life in places away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Virginia Vintage

This brand contains only a single collection. It is designed to have wood that looks older and more vintage. All of the woods in this brand are hand scraped to provide a more authentic look.

Biltmore Estate

The Biltmore brand contains 11 collections. This brand is designed with upscale tastes in mind. It is made for use in wealthy or upscale homes.

Contact Information

Anderson: Site offers information on brands, styles, dealers, and contains images of floors. Contact: Shaw Industries, Inc., P.O. Drawer 2128, 616 E. Walnut Avenue, Dalton, GA 30722-2128 Tel: 864) 833-6250