Unfinished Wood
Most people go with a professional when they install their floors. If you want to save money, but still have a professional do part of it, you can purchase unfinished wood flooring.
Cleaning flooring properly is very important for preserving the life of your wood. If you use the wrong type of cleaning, you can wind up with stains or scratches.
Hardwood floors offer a distinctive and classy look. In recent years, this type of flooring has become quite popular with homeowners. Wood matches the decor of most rooms and complements furniture.
Wood Floor
Oak and pine deliver a lighter look for hardwood floors. Other wood choices include ash, cypress, birch, and fir.
Tile Floor
Tile flooring can be an economical flooring choice. Tile is easy to install and easy to maintain and clean
There are also many other types of flooring options. Some of these include, special tiles, carpet, vinly, ceramic or stone.
Laminate flooring is a good alternative to wood. It provides a similiar look, is easier to clean, to maintain, and costs less.
Carpeting is a great alternative for most rooms. Carpet is typically a lot cheaper than hardwood and is very easy to install and clean.
Repairing a damaged floor can be easy or hard - it depends on the damage. Some common problems are cigarette burns, dog spots, or melted wax.
There are a number of ways to decorate wood floors. some ways include borders, medallions, or distressing.